Trader Joe’s has been my New York City go-to for less expensive eggs. But when I went earlier this week, eggs were scarce and the cheapest carton was still higher than what I usually pay.

Across the country in Phoenix, my editor looked for eggs and found empty shelves at Costco and Sprouts.

On Twitter, users are sharing similar experiences with price hikes and shortages, too.

“These egg prices make me wish my husband got me six geese a-laying for Christmas,” @mommajessiec tweeted.

Jaclyn Schultz shared a video on Twitter of empty egg shelves — wit a few egg-centric puns.

“WHO HAS EGGS???!!! I’m fried with the Easter egg hunt in the egg shortage,” Schultz wrote. “Over a half-dozen days and several locations- no eggs at Trader Joe’s. I was told I have to come first thing in the AM. I’m cracking my brain…. Anyone have tips for this chick ?”

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A lingering bird flu outbreak, combined with soaring feed, fuel and labor costs, has led to U.S. egg prices more than doubling over the past year, and hatched a lot of sticker shock on grocery aisles.

“USDA economists find that highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is one of the primary factors driving high egg prices,” Marissa Perry, U.S. Department of Agriculture spokesperson told USA TODAY in an emailed statement. “Continued outbreaks of HPAI in commercial table egg layer flocks since February 2022 have led to the depopulation of over 44 million laying hens.”

The national average price for a dozen eggs hit $3.59 in November, up from $1.72 a year earlier, according to the latest government data. Grocery prices that were up 12% in November are driving inflation higher, even though the overall pace of price increases slowed a bit through the fall as gas prices eased.

But even though eggs are a staple, there’s actually a lot you can make — including recipes that would traditionally call for eggs — without. If you’re finding yourself eggless due to prices or a lack of grocery store inventory, we have a few recipes to help.

Here are six egg free recipes (including breakfast options) that you can use to keep on cooking even without one of the most-used kitchen ingredients.

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