Yes, a Justice Department special counsel and many others are investigating Donald Trump, but maybe Americans should keep their eyes peeled on Georgia, where things are happening.

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A Georgia grand jury finished its investigation into whether the former president or his allies illegally interfered in the 2020 election in the Peach State, a judge said in a Monday court filing. That all but assures the first decisions on whether Trump will face criminal charges related to his efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s victory will be made in Georgia, reports USA TODAY Justice Department correspondent Kevin Johnson.

  • Who makes the call whether to charge Trump or not?: Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, the Atlanta-area prosecutor who took the role just days after Trump called Georgia’s top election official and asked him to find enough votes to push the election his way, an event that sparked the investigation.
  • What’s next?: The judge in the case set a Jan. 24 hearing to determine whether the grand jury report will be made public.
  • What is being investigated?: The probe focuses on Trump and his aides’ efforts to upend the election in Georgia, part of a broader attempt to take the election that includes fake electors from key states Biden won. The grand jury examined a range of possible offenses, including election fraud, false statements, conspiracy, oath of office violations, racketeering and election-related violence.

🍑 Charging decisions on Trump now loom large in Georgia after the grand jury’s completion of its work. Read more about it here.

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