22. Information Security Analyst
Industry: Technology
Median Salary: $102,600

With more people working remotely and more services being offered online, security is increasingly important. Information security analyst is ranked No. 5 on the Best Jobs list. They need strong analytical and problem-solving skills to protect computer networks and systems from vulnerabilities.

Information security analysts need related job experience, as well as a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, engineering or another related field. Some seek professional certification.

21. Psychologist
Industry: Science
Median Salary: $102,900

Psychologist is ranked No. 49 on the Best Jobs list. There are many areas of psychology beyond counseling, including forensic psychologists, school psychologists and rehabilitative psychologists that assist people with disabilities improve their quality of life.

Most psychologists need to have doctoral degrees. School psychologists need to be licensed or certified and have an advanced degree. Industrial-organizational psychologists should have a master’s degree.

Patience and strong interpersonal skills when dealing with clients in need of mental health care is important for this line of work.

20. Actuary
Industry: Business
Median Salary: $105,900

Actuary is ranked No. 27 on the Best Jobs list. Actuaries help businesses, clients and the insurance industry assess risk and how it affects finances. Actuaries use strong math, analytical and problem-solving skills to help organizations establish policies in the event of a natural disaster, death or other emergency.

Actuaries need a bachelor’s degree in an analytical field such as mathematics, actuarial science or statistics.

19. Nurse Practitioner
Industry: Health care
Median Salary: $120,680

As the pandemic continues and the aging population grows, it’s no surprise that nurse practitioners continue to be in high demand. Nurse practitioner is ranked No. 2 on the Best Jobs listing and ranked No. 1 for job security. The role can be a stressful one. Nurse practitioners are often on their feet, they may need physical strength to move or lift patients and must carefully evaluate patient health.

Nurse practitioners usually focus on a certain area of care, such as pediatric health or adult and geriatric health. They must have a master’s degree in their area of specialty, have a state license and an advanced practice registered nurse license.

18. Software Developer
Industry: Technology
Median Salary: $120,730

Software developer is ranked No. 1 on the Best Jobs list and No. 2 for careers with best job security. There’s a low unemployment rate for this job, along with high median pay and a high current employer satisfaction score. Software developers may work in nearly every industry. Many devices that use the internet to provide services, such as mobile phones, use software.

This growing field is constantly changing and software developers work on teams to solve problems and keep pace with the demands of technology.

Creative problem-solving, great interpersonal skills and analytical skills are needed to succeed in this field. Software developers should have a bachelor’s degree in computer and information technology, engineering or a related field…Read More

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